Oven Cleaning North Shore Sydney

Oven Cleaning North Shore Sydney

Our experienced technicians use eco-friendly products to ensure your oven looks brand new. We are cleaning your oven without the chemicals so you have nothing to worry about. Clean oven are your oven fairies so that you don’t have to do the difficult task yourself. Our prices are extremely affordable and you will be happy with the results every time.

Clean Oven – Servicing North Shore Sydney and Metropolitan Areas – Clean Oven

Oven Cleaning Tips – Get Clean Oven to do the hard work for you!

Clean Oven Price List

Clean Ovens

Standard Oven (600mm to 650mm wide) –  $155

Standard Oven with separate grill – $175

Large Oven (651mm to 900mm) – $215

Extra-large Oven (901mm – 1200mm wide) – $325

One and a Half Oven – $215

Double Oven – $275

Microwave – $50

Fridge – $70 – $180.

Light replacement $15

Clean Stove tops

Clean Oven for Stove tops

Glass stove top – $50

Gas 4 burner stove top – $60

Gas 5 burner stove top – $80

Gas 6 burner stove top – $100

Clean Range hoods

Clean Oven for Range hoods

Small Range hood (Over 4 burner stove top) – $60

Large Range hood (Over 5-6 burner stove top) – $100

Range hood X-Large – (POA$)

Clean BBQ

Clean Oven for BBQ’s

Baby Webber – $135

Webber Q – $155

3 Burner – $215

4 Burner – $275

5 Burner – $375

6 Burner – $425

If you are wondering “how to clean you BBQ”, don’t, just book in clean oven and we will do it for you so you are ready for those summer BBQ’s.

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