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Clean Oven Sydney Metropolitan Area


Clean Ovens

Clean Oven for all types of ovens

Standard Oven (upto 650mm wide) – $180

Standard Oven with separate grill – $225

Large oven (651mm-900mm)-$225

Extra large oven (901mm-1200mmwide)-$325

One and a half oven – $225

Double oven – $320

Standard microwave – $50

Fridge clean – $90- $250

Light replacement- $15 (exclusive part price)


Clean BBQ

Clean Oven for BBQ’s

Baby Webber – $130

Webber Q – $150

3 Burner – $215

4 Burner – $275

5 Burner – $375

6 Burner – $425


Clean Stove tops

Clean Oven for Stove tops

Glass stove top – $50

Gas 4 burner stove top – $70

Gas 5 burner stove top – $85

Gas 6 burner stove top – $100


Clean Range hoods

Clean Oven for Range Hoods

Small rangehood (over 4 burner stove top)-$70

Large rangehood(over 5-6 burner stove top)-$100


Clean Oven Services Sydney – We provide you with the best prices and service to get your Oven, Stove Top, Range Hood, BBQ, Microwave or Fridge clean and like new again.

With our prices to clean your oven from just, 145 you can’t afford not to book a Clean Oven today.

Schedule a Clean Oven today and make your oven look brand new

Clean Oven Services Sydney
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